Welcome to the Commonwealth Neurological Society!

Read the President's message from Michael K. Sowell, MD, FAHS

The Commonwealth Neurological Society (CNS) is the state neurology society for Kentucky. We are the organized voice of neurology to our national organization, as well as the liason with the American Medical Association, Kentucky Medical Association, and other interested parties in health care.  As such, we are best positioned to advocate for the needs of patients with neurological disorders in the Commonwealth.  We have developed a vital and growing network of neurologists and associated professionals that will benefit our practices and our patients.

We have a Fall Meeting and a Spring Meeting in Louisville, which are designed to bring together neurologists from private practice and academia from around the state.  For the Fall Meeting, we have speakers who cover a variety of timely topics in neurology.  The Spring Meeting is usually held in conjunction with the University of Louisville Advances in Neurology meeting in the morning, followed by an afternoon at the Jockey Club Suites at Churchhill Downs.  Continuing Medical Education credits are available at both meetings. 

Patients are more interested in which insurance company their doctor thinks is best than which doctor their insurance company thinks is best!  Our current project is a statewide survey of neurologists to determine which insurance companies are best for our neurological patients.  Please be on the lookout for this brief survey, and return it ASAP, so the results can have the greatest impact!

As always, spread the word!  If there is anyone you know who would like to be added to the listserv, or would like more information on how to participate in organized Neurology in the Commonwealth please email us at cnskentucky@gmail.com

Michael K. Sowell, MD, FAHS

CNS President



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